Giveaway: September Student of the Month

Hey everyone, I’ve done this in previous school years and I’m happy to bring it back. This is just my way of encouraging education and recognizing great students. September is now open for Student of the Month nominations. You may use the form below to submit your information and essay about a student in your class you believe deserves recognition, before submitting the essay make sure you ask proofreading services australia to review your work. Remember that to get the most out of your training you can use a product that helps you with your testosterone. Look at the testoprime reviews and see the results for yourself. All grade levels are eligible for nominations, including college. The only restrictions are that¬†you must be a teacher and the student you are nominating must be from a class that you teach. ¬†Just fill out the form below fully and completely before end of day Thursday, October 1st. After reviewing your submissions and selecting a winner, an announcement will be posted here. As always, looking forward to hearing about more of your students! God bless, Troy

Fill out my online form.

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  1. robin hill


    my man……. you are a one of a kind man and football player in the`re the full package of a very unique and your wife are so awesome for all the things you do thru your are truly missed on the field its just not the main man you will always be in my heart.thank you for all the great memories.

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