March Student of the Month | Winner Announcement

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that my March Student of the Month winner is Jorge of Millmont elementary school. Jorge’s teacher wrote in to say that Jorge came to her with anger and self control issues, as well as academic roadblocks, but has made significant progress in all areas. Often children, and even adults, with issues such as these are given up on and give up themselves, so it’s very encouraging to hear about a young one making headway in life throug his own perseverance and the strong support of his school and family. I hope Jorge is as encouraging to all of you as he is to me.

I also hope that Jorge is encouraged by his selection to continue his perseverance in all areas of his life. I will be sending him a gift basket to show my appreciation. Many thanks to Jorge’s teacher, Judith, for writing in about him. You can read her entry below.

April is now open for entries, so teachers can head over here and start nominating their students for this month.

God bless,


I would like to introduce Jorge as a student who came to me with anger issues, self control issues and academic roadblocks. He has made such significant progress in all areas of his life including academic and personal. I feel that this young man has persevered in all of his accomplishments due to his family support and school support. I am so proud of Jorge’s progress I feel all parents of challenged children need to her this success story. God willing Jorge will continue to prove to all of us how strong, smart and personable he will be in life.


UPDATE: Form is now closed. Thanks for your submissions and be on the lookout for a winner announcement in the near future. 

Hey teachers,

I’m now taking Student of the Month entries for the month of March. You may use the form below to submit your information and essay about a student in your class you believe deserves recognition. All grade levels are eligible for nominations, including college. The only restrictions are that you must be a teacher and the student you are nominating must be from a class that you teach.  Just fill out the form below fully and completely before end of day Friday, March 28th. After reviewing your submissions and selecting a winner, an announcement will be posted here.

As always, looking forward to hearing about more of your students!

God bless,

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