Gift Card Giveaway, Friday March 7

Each Friday I post the pic of a back of a gift card (number and security pin of each) somewhere on twitter/Instagram/Facebook/or
First person to use it gets it.  Enjoy! If you are a quick one who finds and uses one of these gift cards successfully, I’d love to hear you post about what you were able to purchase, so please post a reply if that becomes you.


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  1. Linaka Kaeha


    Talofa/Aloha Troy! with the remaining balance, for my Steelers, but more importantly, Troy Polamalu fan, i purchased for my ten year old son, “NFL Today: Pittsburgh Steelers”. I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy it. Fa’afetai/Mahalo! Blessings, The Kahele Ohana

  2. Sunia Siaulaiga jr


    What’s up brother Try Polamalu I’m a biggest fan of yours even when Pittsburgh lost I still have faith in our or loose I still won’t change my mind…when me and all my cousins play Madden they always hate me because I always pick Pittsburgh every time we play..I hope you will get more Ring in your career be strong and believe in your self…oh I almost forgot to ask you something!! How do I work this gift card? Cause I was kinda pretty sure I was the first one to vew what you post about the gift keep it up USO

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