Gift Cards Giveaway (two today)

Hey friends, I have different gift cards I’m going to be sharing over the next several weeks. Each Friday I post the pic of a back of a gift card (number and security pin of each) somewhere on twitter/Instagram/Facebook/or troy43.com.
First person to use it gets it. Well, I missed posting a gift card last Friday… will post two of them now. Enjoy! If you are a quick one who finds and uses one of these gift cards successfully, I’d love to hear you post about what you were able to purchase, so please post a reply if that becomes you.


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  1. Mindy


    Thank You Troy!!! I ordered a brand new pair of snow boots, since mine ‘blew out’ during all this shoveling! Thank you so very much!!!

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  2. Jeremy Hatt


    I was just out there. Uggh

  3. Lynne


    I’m to late both are empty:(

    • Jill

      I missed it too! :( great giveaway though! Thanks Troy!

  4. Austin


    Man I missed it I would liked to have something but my everyone wins

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