First person to use it gets it. Enjoy!

If you are a quick one who finds and uses this gift card first successfully, I’d love to hear you post about what you were able to purchase, so please post a reply if that becomes you.



$100 – Barnes and Noble


Leave Your Own
  1. melissa


    says it was redeemed that was quick! :(

  2. Maggie Oliver


    Just bought the harry potter set!! Thank you so much!!! GO STEELERS!!!!

    • Kisha Jones

      Go Maggie and Go Steelers! Thanks for leaving a little bit for another person. =)

  3. James Lytle


    Thanks Troy for not only being a damn good Steeler but being a damn good person in life! We were able to grab a Nook for our father in law who’s a retired Vet and loves to read read read and has been wanting one of these for ages. The only thing that could have made it better was if it was signed by you! Wishing you and your family a wonderful year! The Lytle family of Geneva Ohio

  4. Denise


    Hey Troy! First I just wanted to say thank you!! I was able to purchase this awesome book called where’d you get those? It’s a sneaker collector book lol. Thank you so much and love you & keep doing
    Your thing!!! I really appreciate it! & appreciate your kind gestures. -your #1 fan Denise <3

  5. Kisha Jones


    Thanks Troy! I used the balance and got a free book from Barnes and Noble.

  6. Steph


    Unfortunately I wasn’t the first to get it :( I was very hopeful this time as I got a nook for Christmas. Something I’ve wanted for quite awhile and I haven’t been able to purchase any books because I can’t afford it. Congrats to the winner though! So lucky<3

  7. Carrie


    Hey, Steph try Bookbub for books. They have daily free ones and some books are only .99$, I am on a limited budget too. Also public libraries have ebooks that you can borrow! I have a Nook too and love it!

  8. Jason


    My 13 year old son Eric, was diagnosed with cancer on 12/13/13. The second day he was in St Jude Memphis Tn he about died on 12/15/13 but the doctors here saved his life. Eric has A.L.L. Which is a 75% chance of survival. He is getting
    Chemo treatments in Memphis Tn. We are from Normal, Illinois and also attend their affiliate in Peoria, Illinois. I don’t want a gift card or anything else, but Troy could you Pray for my son, every prayer seems to help.

    I have been a steeler fan since I was born in 1972. Go Steelers!

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