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UPDATE: Announcement of January’s selection for Student of the Month can be found at the bottom of this post.

Happy New Year everyone!

With a a fresh year upon us and new semesters of school underway, it’s time to start nominating your students once again. Get your entry in by filling out the form at the bottom of this post. All grade levels are eligible for nominations, including college. The only restrictions are that¬†you must be a teacher and the student you are nominating must be from a class that you teach. ¬†Just fill out the form below fully and completely before end of day Friday, January 24th. After reviewing your submissions and choosing a winner, I’ll make the announcement here within a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to hearing about your students!

God Bless,


It’s always difficult to choose just one out of the many entries I receive, there are always so many notable students to read about, but ultimately for the month January I have chosen Pablo of Hughson High School as my Student of the Month.

Pablo has faced many challenges this school year. Being brand-new at a school can be very daunting for a student in itself, but on top of that Pablo has some academic and social challenges. Despite these challenges, he has set a career goal, applies himself in everything he does and seems to continually exceed expectations in all of those things; all the while capturing those around him with his dedicated, but quiet demeanor. Sometimes the quieter ones are overlooked because they don’t always stand out in the ways we typically expect, but understated humility and quiet strength is certainly something we should all value.

I will be sending Pablo a gift basket to show my appreciation for his stand-out behavior, and hope he is encouraged to keep striving toward his goals. Thanks to his teacher Marla for writing in about him, and for being a source of guidance and support for students like Pablo. You can read her entry at the bottom of this post.

Entries are now being taken for February, you can head over here to nominate your student for this month.

God bless,


Pablo is a 12th grade student at our high school. He is new to our school this year, but this quiet young man has captured the hearts of many at our school. Pablo has many challenges when it comes to academics and sometimes he has some social challenges too. These challenges have certainly not affected the soul of this young man. He has career plans to become a school janitor (he will probably need some special assistance to attain this). He was not happy about coming to a new school this past August, but he gave his best effort to give our school a chance. He joined the men’s varsity soccer team and was awarded “Scholar Athlete” as well as given the “Sportsmanship Award”. He then decided he would like to try out for varsity basketball–the coach was going to keep 11 boys, but the boys just couldn’t bear for Pablo to be cut, so he stayed on under the condition that he would attend practices and participate with the team at home games only. He has gotten little playing time, but keeps on practicing. I have been a teacher for 16 years and I have to say that Pablo will be a student I will never forget. He works hard at EVERY task put in front of him and has a shy smile and eyes that have a hint of pride for every goal accomplished. There are so many things I could elaborate upon, but 300 words seems very small when you begin to describe Pablo. He may not be the typical “stand out” student, but when I look at Pablo, I see a young man with all heart.


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