September Student of the Month

Hey everyone,

I’ve chosen high school student Minh Thy as my September student of the month. She came to the U.S. from Vietnam just a few years ago and has displayed extraordinary determination, going from a 5th grade reading level to post-high school in just one year. Through dedication, Minh has quickly caught up to her peers and is on track to graduate with high honors and plans to attend a four-year university after graduation. She is a shining example of what can be achieved through great focus and hard work.

After notifying Minh’s teacher, Kim, about my selection, Kim sent over the picture on the right, revealing she’s quite the loyal Steeler fan, making her students, including Minh, a part of Steeler Nation on a daily basis.

I have sent Minh gift basket to show my appreciation for her great dedication.

Thanks so much to Kim for sending in her nomination for Minh, as well as all the other teachers who wrote in about their students. Be on the lookout for another opportunity to nominate your students very soon.

God bless,


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