Quick Announcement: No Autograph Appearance April 9

It has been brought to my attention that many people are under the mistaken belief that I will be attending an autograph show this Saturday, April 9th, in New Jersey. I will most definitely NOT be attending this show, as I never agreed to this appearance or for my name to be promoted in conjunction with this event. I apologize to any fans that may have been inconvenienced by this.


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  1. Heather



    I purchased and paid for in advance tickets for an autographed helmet and a photo opportunity with you as a surprise for my husband as he is one of your biggest followers. I can say that we were very disappointed to not have the opportunity to meet you today. It is really a shame how much this company put your loyal fans through and to hear stories all day of their disappointment when it was announced that you would not be at the show. I would still like to have the opportunity for my husband to get your autograph. Will you be appearing at any upcoming events?


    • isaiah

      hi mr troy your my favorite player on the steelers and i wish you could come to my school and sign autographs for 6th grade only 43# forever

  2. Nancy Santarsiero


    I attended that signing today & was very disappointed to hear you didn’t show. That was what was told to us by the promoter. I found it very hard to believe that you of all people would do something like that. It was totally sold out. There were children, people in wheel chairs, men & women just dying to see you. I later found out from a couple from Maryland that you were never supposed to be there. I must say I felt much better knowing you are the person I think you are. Thank you for that. In this age where everyone is either on drugs or cheating, it is wonderful to have a player with morals & religious beliefs. You should take action against this company because there were so many people to see you & they were misinformed why you weren’t there. To top it off thei credit card machine wasn’t working so i couldn’t get a refund. I made the best of it & got Hines’s autograph. We joked with him about dancing with the stars & i gave him a bottle of”head & shoulders “for you. He probably threw it away! Well, where ever you are, God Bless & maybe someday I will meet you & get your autograph. Steeler fan for life, Nancy

  3. Ken


    Troy, FYI your name was on the list to be at the New Jersey show since way before the Super Bowl because we bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale. It was very disapointing to drive 5 and a half hours with my 3 sons to find out that you were not even there. I am very sure you had no idea that you were scheduled to be at this show because the show was so unorganized it was’nt even funny. There was alot of people that drove hours some even flew in to see you. People should have been contact by GTSM of the change or whatever the issue was. The people from GTSM advertise the “Exclusive” contracts with all of these athletes however they can not even run a show without any issues. This weekend was a total waste of time, money and disapointments. We waited almost 3 months for this, drove 5 and a half hours and paid for a hotel room only to walk away with no Troy Polamalu autographs. GTSM needs to get their act together and learn how to run a show. At any rate is there any way I can mail you the items that I wanted to get signed at the show this weekend and either pay you directly, make a donation or whatever you want so I can get these for my sons we are huge fans of yours.
    PLEASE let me know either way.
    Thank you and sorry you we put out to dry by GTSM.
    All the best and good luck this season.

  4. Brandon


    Will you be doing another signing? I was one of the fans that was told you were going to be there. I understand issues come up and plans get messed up, but are you going to be a part of one of these events again?

  5. LambertFan58


    This is simply fraud if you ask me. GTSM had no contract, much less the intention, of having Troy at this show. I for one am contacting my credit card company and disputing the charges. I’ve been in this hobby for 10 yrs, and this was literally the WORST event I’ve ever been to. Waiting over an hour for tickets I already purchased. Then trying make photo ops and autographs at the same time? But falsely advertising Polamalu is just plain sick. GTSM needs to be held responsible.

  6. MrEzzman


    I have some slight inside knowledge of this issue and it certainly had nothing…nothing at all to do with Troy. I normally wouldn’t respond, but pages like this show up on google easily and I think its important to provide some air cover for stand up guy like Troy.

  7. isaiah



  8. isaiah


    you play very good

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