The Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation

The Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation, a fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation, is the primary philanthropic initiative of the Polamalu family. It is structured to allow the Polamalus to achieve all their various charitable goals, while retaining the flexibility to react to acute needs as they arise.

Current Causes
  • Humanitarian Aid to American Samoa
    • To aid in providing permanent shelter to those displaced by the 2009 tsunami
    • To improve safety and playing conditions for youth and high school athletes.
  • Pittsburgh Children's Hospital
  • FOCUSNA Back Pack Feeding Program
  • Fa'a American Samoa Camp
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The Harry Panos Fund for Veterans

Named after Theodora Polamalu’s maternal grandfather who fought in WWII, The Harry Panos Fund for Veterans, a fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation, is dedicated to helping those who bravely served our country in foreign wars.


During WWII, Harry Panos served as an artilleryman in the battles of Okinawa and Saipan. The stories of what he endured during those times are an inspiration to both Troy and Theodora. Troy became interested in helping veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006, after he had visited wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. He was inspired by the resiliency of a young woman, of about 18 or 19 years old, who had lost her limbs in combat in Iraq. The fund will focus on assisting US veterans of foreign wars, who are currently dealing with health issues and/or financial problems.

Current Causes
  • Operation Once and a Lifetime
  • VA Hospital - Pittsburgh
  • Military Focused Charitable Opportunities (as they arise)
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Attend the Polamalu's Polynesian Luau. Help the Cause.

An evening of traditional Polynesian culture benefiting the Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation, a fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation. This event is scheduled for Friday, November 14, 2014.

Please go to to see photos of past events and information about upcoming fundraisers.